Ductless heat pumps provide unique advantages over traditional heat pump systems. Ductless heating systems are much more efficient because they move heat instead of generating it from nothing. This reduces a building’s carbon footprint and helps owners cut down on electricity bills. Mini-split heat pumps use evaporator and condenser coils to raise the temperature of the building. The versatility of this machine makes it especially useful for citizens of the Pacific Northwest because the strengths of ductless heat pumps are perfectly suited for this region.

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Ductless heat pumps have always been the best option for areas that don’t experience bitter cold. This is especially true now because buildings are more efficient than ever before. Advances in insulation have made heat pumps even more cost-effective than ever. As construction companies improve at making airtight buildings, owners have realized that they no longer have to burn gas to heat the building.

One of the biggest advantages of ductless heat pump installation is that ductless heat pumps can use electricity instead of gas. This helps owners save money on bills, and also reduces carbon footprint. Ductless heat pumps will continue to be the strongest option as electricity comes from more renewable sources.

Electricity is already fairly eco-friendly in the Pacific Northwest because hydropower fuels most of our electrical appliances. Hydropower relies on the environment to generate electricity for heat pump systems, whereas natural gas heating depends on fracking and other dangerous practices.


In the 1970s and 1980s, heat pumps weren’t able to stand up to harsh conditions without gas as a supplemental energy source. Mini-split heat pump systems and other technological improvements have made it easy to match an efficient heat pumping solution to your specific needs. Furnaces struggle to control multiple zones efficiently, and heat pumps offer a variety of options to suit the needs of different rooms. Set different climate zones, and you won’t have to worry about burning energy to heat the areas you aren’t using.

Even when you do need to heat the entire building, electric heat pumps provide a more efficient solution. Modern heat pumps can work in conjunction with a water heater to deliver fast and effective climate control to the entire home. The ability to set different climate zones makes mini-split heat pumps more versatile than gas heating, and allows owners to come up with a plan for the whole home or business. Gas furnaces were not created to take multiple rooms into account and tend to waste fossil fuels because they make some areas too hot before providing adequate heat to other rooms.


Many modern homes in the south have started to use ductless heating systems, and they are ideal for homes on the west coast as well. Heat pump systems are the best solution in any environment where temperatures below 40 degrees are rare. Most residents of the Pacific Northwest don’t have to deal with freezing temperatures regularly, so mini-split heating systems are more than powerful enough to keep the home as comfortable as possible.

Coastal regions with mild summers and winters are the perfect environment for heat pumps. Gas appliances only offer advantages in extreme weather. In the Pacific Northwest, gas furnaces are overkill and only waste money and resources.


The best thing about heat pumps is that they move hot air instead of trying to change the existing air. Ductless heating systems can pump warm air into or out of the home. During the warm summer months, you can use a heat pump to expel warm air from your house and lower the internal temperature. This is especially easy in mild climates like ours because we rarely have to lower the temperature of our home by more than 10 degrees.


Even if you value overall cost more than energy efficiency, a heat pump is likely your best option. The surest way to determine the price difference between older temperature control methods and ductless heat pumps is to request an estimate for installation. Weigh the installation costs and your estimated monthly energy use to see why ductless heat pumps are the less costly option.


To get an even better idea of the effect ductless heat pumps can have on your home, you should consult your local experts. The Heat Pump Store has performed countless installations for families and businesses in the Pacific Northwest. Our experienced staff can answer all of your questions and help you determine which system is perfect for your precise needs. Now is the best time of year to make the upgrade, so don’t hesitate to contact us today.