Having an efficient heating and cooling system when you live in the Pacific Northwest is one of the most basic ways to stay comfortable in your home. If you have heard of a ductless heating system, you might wonder if there are any differences or advantages over a typical HVAC system. The following will outline the benefits of ductless mini-split systems.


When compared to an air conditioner, a ductless heat pump (or mini-split) carries more advantages. Heat pumps function by pumping heat from the inside out, as well as from the outside in. Air conditioners only force air out.

This offers the benefit of being able to heat and cool a home with one convenient system. Some other benefits include:

  • Financial Savings – It takes less energy to operate a ductless system than any other form of heating or cooling. A mini-split focuses directly on one area (or zone) in a home so you pay to heat/cool the rooms you are using and not paying to heat/cool the entire home. By using a zonal system, only rooms that are occupied need to use the energy of a ductless mini-split, which means you only pay for what you use. Another way homeowners find financial savings with this type of system is by using utility rebates and exclusive financing options offered by The Heat Pump Store. Utility companies want you to save, so when you install a more efficient system, many are willing to help with the initial costs by offering a rebate.
  • Easy Installation – It doesn’t take long to install a ductless system. As you can imagine, installing the ducts for an air conditioning system could take many weeks and cause a large mess in your home. Walls and ceilings often need to be patched after the job is done, and it takes up some of the space you originally had free. Without those ducts running from room to room, the installation time is greatly reduced, and hardly any space is taken up with the new components. Typically, a three-inch hole for a few small pipes to run through is the only destruction to your home, and that doesn’t leave anything to be repaired.
  • Flexibility – A ductless mini-split offers more flexibility for replacing your current system. It can be used to replace electric heaters, gas furnaces, wood/pellet stoves, window units, and space heaters. You can install a system in a condo, apartment, home addition, new home, or even as an addition to your current ducted system. Certain types of properties might have restrictions on installing a typical air conditioning system, such as an ADU or attic converted to a bedroom or office.
  • Air Quality – Unlike a traditional HVAC system, ductless systems have built-in, multi-stage filtration. This eliminates the need to hire a contractor to professionally clean any air ducts as you would have to with a ducted air conditioner. If anyone in the house suffers from respiratory issues, this could be one of the most important benefits.
  • Environmental Friendliness – The refrigerant in a ductless system is called R410A and has zero potential to deplete the ozone. As was previously mentioned, the system has zoning capabilities that, in addition to financial savings, offer greater energy efficiency and a reduced carbon footprint. In contrast, the cooling agents running through an air conditioner contain chemicals that cause ozone depletion.


As you can see, there are many benefits of a ductless mini-split system when you consider a heat pump vs. AC. Whether you are trying to make your home more energy-efficient, are looking for a way to improve air quality, or want to leave a lesser carbon footprint on the environment, a mini-split system is a way to go. Contact The Heat Pump Store today to learn more or call 877-509-2961

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