The best time to repair a ductless heating and cooling system is before it becomes an emergency. You probably don’t want to scramble for a last-minute repair on a broken or leaking heat pump when the outside temperature is in the 80s or 90s. The best way to keep your heat pump running all year long is to get regular checkups and preventative maintenance. Even if you are just getting yearly service, and especially when it’s an emergency, you should make sure you find the most reliable heat pump repair company available to you. Here are some steps you can take to make sure you’re finding the most reliable heat pump company in Oregon.

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Make sure you’re partnering with a reputable company that’s recognized by customers and professional organizations for providing excellent service. Look for positive ratings and other reviews that prove the company does excellent work. Ask your friends and neighbors which companies they’ve used to repair ductless heat pumps, and if they had a good experience. If a company is making their other customers happy, the chances are high that they’ll do great work for you too.


See if a potential heat pump repair company has been factory trained, EPA-certified,  or otherwise recognized for excellence in the field. For example, you can check to see if a company has an excellent trade ally rating from Energy Trust of Oregon. Energy Trust of Oregon awards up to three stars: one for program service, one for quality service, and one for customer service. If a heat pump repair company has received a perfect three-star rating, you can rest assured this business will provide reliable service.


Make sure the business you choose is a licensed HVAC contractor in Oregon. When you work with professionals who are well established in the community and are licensed to work on HVAC systems, it helps you know that they will be willing to hold themselves accountable. Companies that are still growing will be around for years to come so you will be able to receive ongoing support. These companies also place a high value on their reputations so you can work with them confidently and know that they want you to be satisfied with the end result.


Choose a company that works with reliable HVAC brands. If you’re getting repairs for your existing heat pump system, make sure you partner with a business that services that brand. Experience matters a lot, and different brands of heat pumps have subtle differences that untrained technicians won’t know about. If a business doesn’t have any knowledge about your specific brand of heat pump, you shouldn’t trust them to work on your system. Ask if their technicians have factory training to determine if they really have what it takes to fix your system.


When you first call a ductless heat pump contractor, pay attention to what kind of customer service you get on the phone call. The way they treat potential customers over the phone says a lot about how a company operates. The best ductless heat pump repair companies can even do some simple troubleshooting right there over the phone. They may be able to determine what the problem is without even sending a service technician to your home. In those situations, you may be able to get your heat pump running again by yourself.

The customer service representative should listen carefully as you describe your situation. If you’re talking to a heat pump expert, they’ll know exactly which questions to ask to figure out what’s going on with your heat pump system. Once they determine the root of the issue, they may be able to guide you to a simple solution like a hard reset, a fuse replacement, or battery replacement. Sometimes it’s even as easy as cleaning or replacing your filters. The most reliable heat pump companies will help you solve the problem quickly and easily instead of sending someone out to collect a bill.


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