If you’re unable to discover the source of your home’s unpleasant odor, and you may have put off your routine cleaning and maintenance of your heat pump system, there is a chance that your home’s ductless HVAC system could be the cause. This is a sign of concern as this bouquet of aromas could be carrying with it particles or contaminants that may impact those with recurrent respiratory issues. Additionally, if you don’t fix the underlying issue, you may be lowering your heat pump system’s lifespan.


Heat pumps do not give off fumes. If you notice any sort of displeasing scent coming from your heat pump’s indoor or outdoor unit, it is likely in need of routine maintenance.

Unlike typical HVAC systems, ductless heat pumps do not force air throughout a home. Instead, the system uses refrigerants to transfer warm air or cool air depending on what is needed. If your home is too cold, the heat is released inside. If your home is too warm, the heat is released outside while cool air is transferred inside.


If your home consistently smells of dirty, funky socks, you are experiencing dirty sock syndrome. This means that microbial growth may have set up residence inside your heat pump indoor unit or condensate drain.

If the condensate drain is not regularly cleaned through professional Annual Maintenance then a moist environment, along with the normal accumulation of dust or dirt particles on the indoor unit’s filter, is ideal for the growth of microbes.

The best way to prevent this is by engaging in routine cleaning and maintenance of your heat pump system. You should clean any filters on a monthly basis.

If you’ve completed routine maintenance and are still having issues with odors then the most effective method of ridding yourself of the bad smell from heat pump components is to call an expert technician to uncover the underlying issue. They can inspect the entire system to identify the source of the smell and conduct any needed maintenance or repairs.

It’s also important to have your system inspected at least once a year and to engage in routine maintenance. This helps prevent small, inexpensive issues from becoming far costlier ones in the future.

If your heat pump is starting to disperse unpleasant scents, call The Heat Pump Store today at 877-509-2961. We offer one-time services, as well as our Ductless Care Plan that helps you save money long-term.

Featured Image: Eakrin Rasadonyindee/Shutterstock