When it comes to cooling and heating in Portland, there is no better solution than a ductless heat pump, sometimes referred to as a split or mini-split system.

These systems go above and beyond what a typical HVAC system can give your home, especially in the relatively moderate temperatures of the Pacific Northwest. To make sure a ductless heating system is right for you and your home, make sure to read our purchasing guide.



Before jumping headfirst into the many benefits of the ductless system, it’s essential to understand how the system operates. In a way, a ductless heat pump operates similarly to a refrigerator due to its use of refrigerant vapor. While refrigerators are only good, though, at keeping things cold, a ductless heat pump is capable of both warming and cooling interiors.

It does this by transferring the heat from inside the home to the outdoor unit during the warmer months, leaving interiors cool. During colder months, it does the opposite, transferring heat inside the home from the outdoor unit to the indoor unit. (These two units, connected by copper refrigerant lines, not ducts, are why this system is referred to as both a ductless and mini-split system.)


1. Better Interior Air Quality

The lack of ductwork with a mini-split system is a huge benefit for those who suffer from indoor allergies. Systems with ductwork require regular cleaning done by professionals to flush dust and other allergens from the system and thus being pumped into every room connected to the duct system.

The ductless heat pump, though, typically includes a built-in filtration system that constantly removes allergens from the system. This makes the interior air more breathable while also saving you from costly professional cleanings.

2. Highly Customizable Installation

With other heating systems, it sometimes feels like your home is designed around the system as opposed to having the system designed around the home.

Floor or ceiling vents, which can’t be moved without costly adjustments, may prevent you from placing furniture or electronics in a way that works best for you, your family, or even your guests.

With a ductless heat pump system, though, you can install as many indoor units as needed. One unit may be enough for a single-level Portland home, but you can install as many as needed if your home is larger. Because there’s no need to connect the indoor units to ductwork, you can install these units practically anywhere.

3. Energy Efficiency

Perhaps one of the most significant reasons to purchase a ductless heat pump in Portland, Oregon, is its efficient use of energy. Without ducts, there are no spots for cold or warm air to leak out, pushing your system into overdrive to keep the interiors at the desired temperature. Some estimates show that you lose 25 percent of your energy due to the leaky nature of ductwork.

Due to the highly efficient inverter technology of the ductless system, the air moves through the home more evenly than other systems. Furthermore, if your home contains multiple indoor units, each one will be controlled by remote control. This gives you complete control and comfort in each room of your home all year long.

4. Reduced Costs and Increased Rebates

While many people are interested in the energy-saving qualities of the ductless heat pump system due to beliefs in building a green future, others like this system due to another green factor: money. Not only could you potentially reduce your monthly energy bills by 50 percent with a ductless system, but you may also be eligible for rebates of up to $1,500 from your utility company as an incentive to install a more efficient system.


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