Ductless heat pumps are the best heating and cooling solutions for the Pacific Northwest, and high-quality ductless heating systems will yield even better results. Choose premium mini-split heat pumps to save on energy bills, lower your carbon footprint, and find a longer-lasting solution. The best ductless heat pump brand for you will depend on your specific situation and needs, and there are four reliable brands that every homeowner should consider.


Daikin sells its products in over 140 countries. This gives them experience all around the globe, including in North America. Daikin heat pump systems are renowned for being effective, efficient, and dependable. The brand has been in business since 1924 and has spent its entire existence providing responsible solutions for every environment.

Daikin has renewed its commitment to customers even more in recent years as it makes products that are better for the environment. Local ecosystems and local economies both benefit from Daikin’s thoughtful corporate mentality. The brand’s products and policies are carefully crafted to provide value for employees and customers alike.

The constant search for a cleaner future has made Daikin products more reliable, productive, and accessible. Consistent innovation makes these heat pump systems an excellent choice for anyone who is concerned about the financial and environmental cost of their heating and cooling.


LG is one of the biggest names in the home appliance industry, and with good reason. Their slogan is, “Life’s Good,” and every product the brand releases makes life even better. Global thinking and a focus for the future drives innovation in the service of humanity. LG’s efficient products provide maximum climate control and take it easy on the environment.

LG is leading the race toward new heating and cooling solutions without sacrificing the historical integrity that made the brand a household name. Their legendary commitment to products that are both effective and beautiful has made LG successful since its inception in 1947. Since then, this brand has mastered every facet of the home appliance industry.

LG’s quest for a streamlined home brought them into the ductless heat pump business, and the world is a better place for it. They offer a wide variety of looks to help their ductless heating and cooling systems blend seamlessly into your home.


Fujitsu has mastered the art of constant improvement since 1935. Their vision for the future involves happy employees, superior products, and responsive service. Their helpful staff is an extension of the brand itself and projects the same dedication that goes into Fujitsu ductless heat pumps.

One of Fujitsu’s greatest strengths is their ability to listen to their customers. Their continued effort to give people what they want has brought the world several ENERGY STAR qualified products. These environmentally-friendly solutions are available for all types of living spaces and can accommodate the varying needs of different lifestyles.

The beauty of Fujitsu heating and cooling products is in the small details. Reduced vibration helps these ductless heat pumps run quietly and efficiently. Every component down to the screws is designed and manufactured to outlast the competition, and can even resist rust. Effective mechanics and durable parts make these heat pump systems easy to maintain and allow homeowners to go for long periods of time without a replacement.


Mitsubishi has carved out a name for itself across multiple different industries. The brand combines style and function for a surprisingly affordable price. Mitsubishi ductless heat pump products use cutting-edge technology to reduce environmental impact and last longer than less reputable brands. Mitsubishi has proved itself as a brand by expanding to 40 countries and serving a variety of climate types.

Throughout their journey of growing a business across continents and decades, Mitsubishi has become excellent at adhering to the most demanding laws and compliance standards. The brand focuses on providing great quality to earn trust and fostering a strong feeling of citizenship. Mitsubishi’s mission is to leave a lasting and positive impact on both people and the environment.

Mitsubishi pursues these lofty goals through a relentless commitment to innovative technology. Through a concerted effort, their products continue to get even better as time goes on. Mitsubishi pays generous wages to its design staff, and in return, the employees create some of the most efficient heat pump systems in the world.

Best Heat Pump Brands Near Me

Once you select your ideal ductless heat pump system, choose a reliable heat pump installation company. Professional installations by certified technicians protect your warranty, ensure that your system is functioning properly, and reduce the use of energy. The Heat Pump Store is proud to employ the most knowledgeable technicians in the industry. Reach out to them today if you have any questions about which heat pump brand is the best for your home.

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