There is no shortage of rumors about the best time of year to buy a heat pump or air conditioning system. Some people think it is during the off-season when demand is lower. Other people believe the busy season is best because the competition is high and brands offer specials. Each of the different seasons brings its own good reasons to replace your outdated heating and cooling system. Read a few of the benefits of each different season below, and decide if now is the time to act.


If you barely made it through winter with your current heating and cooling system, you might as well get a new one as soon as possible. Spring is an excellent time to get a heat pump for a couple of different reasons. For one, demand is relatively low. Most people who were in dire need of heat pump services already had to get themselves taken care of during winter. By spring, just about everyone has had to make sure they have a functioning heating system.

Another great thing about buying a new air conditioner or heating system in the spring is that the weather is so good. There isn’t much of a need to heat or cool your house during the spring, so it shouldn’t affect the internal temperature much if your system is off for a few hours. That’s a good thing for ductless mini-split installations because there are normally a few hours of downtime while the new system gets installed. If you’ve been thinking about an upgrade or a new system, spring might be the easiest time to move ahead.


Similar to taking action in the spring, buying a heat pump in the summer is great because you won’t be as bothered by the gap in heating that occurs during the actual installation. There is a myth that people can get massive discounts for heating services and installations during the summer, but unfortunately, this is not true.

The heating equipment and services will still cost almost exactly the same during every season. There are still benefits to making the big purchase during the summer though. Temperatures are warm enough that you won’t have to suffer while you wait for the installation. There is also slightly less demand in the summer, so there will be more installation times available to you. Demand will start to pick up toward the end of summer, so it’s best to make your purchase as soon as possible.


There is definitely something to be said for buying your new heat pump before the winter arrives. For one thing, it’s important to get your heating fixed before it gets too cold in your home. As temperatures fall, people are more willing to spring for a new heating system, and this can lead to a busy season for heat pump stores. Sometimes, though, the rush can actually start earlier than you might think.

Peak business for installing heat pumps is in September in most places in the Northern Hemisphere. The entire range from August through December can be busy. That means that you’ll still be able to buy a heat pump, but it may be hard to find a time for installation. Everyone who has problems will rush to get repairs or replacements as soon as the first serious cold spell hits.


If possible, it’s best to buy a mini-split heat pump before winter. Winter brings a busy season for heat pump companies, and even the most responsive businesses will have limited availability at times. That said, sometimes your old heating system gives out suddenly, and then you just need to get it replaced as soon as possible.

It’s certainly not ideal to intentionally wait until winter to buy a new heat pump, but there’s no point in staying cold until spring, either. The cost of a new heat pump will not be raised during the winter months. Businesses that do nothing but heat pumps will be the most responsive during these times of crisis. Their expertise allows them to install the heat pump system more quickly than some of their competitors, which means you can spend less time in a cold house.


Ultimately, the time to buy an air conditioner or heating system is whenever your old one stops to perform at the highest level. The Heat Pump Store can provide you with a full heat pump installation at any time of year. Our ductless heat pumps can start keeping your home comfortable and saving you money on your energy bills right away. Contact us to learn more or to schedule your appointment.