A ceiling-mounted mini-split is one of the best heating systems to warm your house during winter. As a homeowner in Eugene, Portland, or Salem, installing a ceiling-mounted mini-split system can make your home warm and comfortable.

The Heat Pump Store has installed many ductless heat pumps across the Pacific Northwest to revolutionize the region’s heating and cooling practices. Moreover, we provide various services and products, including the ceiling-mount mini-split ductless heat pump.

Benefits of Ceiling-Mounted Mini-Splits

The ceiling mini-split is one of the common mini-splits most homeowners prefer. There are various benefits when you use ceiling-mounted mini-splits. In addition to the benefits that all mini-split systems provide, such as better energy efficiency, higher air quality, and silent operation, ceiling-mounted mini-splits have these advantages.

  • Maximize space-Since ceiling-mounted mini-splits are positioned on the ceiling rather than the floor; they do not occupy floor or wall space.
  • Customizable airflow options-Ceiling cassette mini-split systems generally have four air outputs. You may shut or open these outlets based on the airflow direction, giving you adjustable airflow choices.
  • Discreet appearance-Since the ceiling-mount mini-split is situated above eye level, and most of the device is concealed above the ceiling; it is more discreet than other mini-split choices.

Considerations When Installing Ceiling-Mounted Mini-Splits

Installation is another crucial aspect of ceiling-mounted mini-splits to understand. Before installing the ceiling-mount mini-split, you must assess the available space. Most ceiling cassette mini-splits measure at least 22.5 by 22.5 inches. Therefore, it is essential to verify that your home’s rafters are at least 22.5 inches apart and that you can place the unit without any obstructions from structural components or other appliances.

In addition to ensuring that your ceiling-mount mini-split has sufficient space, you need to consider the location carefully. Avoid installing your mini-split near places with extreme temperatures, as this might lead to inaccurate temperature readings and adjustments.

It is advisable to install your mini-split in a well-insulated location to minimize significant temperature changes that might compromise the system’s efficiency. It will also prevent moisture from accumulating outside the system, which might later lead to mold concerns.

Single vs. Multi-Zone Mini Splits

Mini-splits may be classified as either single zone or multiple zones. Single zone mini-split systems heat or cool a single room or area. They are made up of one outdoor and one inside compressor.

In contrast, multi-zone mini splits heat and cool numerous rooms or zones in a house. Multi-zone splits have a single outside compressor and up to eight inside compressors.

Types of Mini-Split Systems

Multiple mini-split ductless heat pump systems exist. The Heat Pump Store offers the following types of mini-split systems.

Ductless Heat Pumps

As its name suggests, a mini-split or ductless heat pump system is a split system, meaning its components are positioned inside and outside the house. Ductless heat pumps offer year-round comfort by physically cooling or heating the inside air and transferring the heat collected or lost through a sealed refrigerant circuit to the outside.

Ceiling Cassettes

The ceiling mount mini-split (ceiling cassette), is a form of ductless heat pump that utilize interior and exterior units. Instead of mounting the unit on walls, its indoor unit is positioned in the ceiling, concealing most of its components.

Since the ceiling cassette may be more powerful, it is typically used in business settings. These systems have higher installation costs than high or low wall systems, but they are ideal for big spaces where a wall-mounted unit is unacceptable.


Similar to ductless systems, mini-ducted systems include an interior and an exterior unit. The difference between the two units is the use of shorter, more efficient duct lines to transport air to neighboring rooms. Typically, these components are concealed behind the scenes, with just the grille covers visible.

As inverter heat pumps, these machines are far more energy-efficient than conventional HVAC systems. While mini-ducted systems tend to have higher installation costs than high or low wall ductless systems, they are a fantastic alternative when a wall-mounted unit is unacceptable.

DIY Ductless Heat Pump Installation Package

The Heat Pump Store has designed a unique DIY ductless installation program. We supply name-brand equipment, professional installation supplies, installation advice, and a factory-trained and EPA-certified refrigerant expert who will perform the line connections and commission your system when you have finished the installation!

Ceiling Mounted Mini Split Installation in Oregon and Colorado

Installing a ceiling-mounted mini-split maximizes space in your home in addition to its custom features and discrete nature. If you are interested in installing a ceiling-mount mini-split unit in Oregon or Colorado, The Heat Pump Store is here to assist you. Contact us for more information, and we will make your time worthwhile!



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