The Heat Pump Store is proud to carry products from only the most reliable manufacturers of ductless heat pumps. Each one of our trusted partners manufactures reliable, efficient, and durable products that will work for many years to come. Because we focus on this specific line of manufacturers, we are experts in the installation, maintenance and repair of every product we sell in Oregon and Washington.

  • Be Reliable – This means the product is well built and carries a strong warranty.
  • Have Incredible Performance – By this, we mean high efficiency rating and high BTU ratings.
  • Operate in a Way that Provides Great Home – We are committed to making your home comfortable with the best products
  • Have Great Support – If something does go wrong, we have every resource available to fix it for you


    1. Range of models
    2. Length of warranty
    3. Availability
    4. Price range
    5. Innovative features
    6. Support services
    7. Performance
    8. Efficiency

Each manufacturer’s warranty can differ, not only the length but a lso the types of issues and defects it covers. Some manufacturers offer far more cost-effective models, while others focus on high-end performance and capabilities. Look for innovative, high-tech features and settings for dynamic performance and reliability.


Your home needs a reliable way to stay comfortable, year-round. Contact us to take advantage of our great prices and professional service today. Browse each of our top heat pump brands and let us help you find the make or model that best suits your home and budget.

See What Our Customers Are Saying!

Rosaline Elfick
February 21, 2023
Brandon was our heat pump installer. Arrived early was affable, professional and all went smoothly. He did a good job and left our house spotless.
Brittanie McGurk
February 21, 2023
Jamie was great! Very effiecient and friendly, he went above and beyond to deep clean and repair a unit. During his visit he was willing to check out another unit and determined it was in need of cleaning as well- he was able to complete this during the same visit and I'm so grateful as it was dirtier than I anticipated- gross! Jamie also shared information about a regular maintenence program which I appreciated. So glad to have my system back to normal, fixed, and clean!
info info
February 16, 2023
Friendly and professional from the beginning to end. Tim gave us a very clear plan for the best outcome. His installation team worked together well and efficiently. We especially appreciated how well they kept us informed of what was happening and the steps they were going through. In the end they gave us a tutorial on the equipment and encouraged us to call if we had any questions. Highly recommend them.
Adrián Beltran
February 16, 2023
We have a heatpump installed by the heat pump store and it was amazing service. From the installer Abraham to the electrician jonh right up to Rhonda sales person really nice lady to work with.
Tammy Warber
February 15, 2023
Jamie just preformed the annual maintenance on our heat pump. He was very professional and thorough with the service. He was also very friendly and answered all my questions, as well as offering me tips on how to get the best performance from my heat pump. Great service!
midge Brown
February 15, 2023
we had a heat pump installed by the heat pump store and it was amazing service. From the installer Brandon to the electrician Jon right up to jan Prast the lady with the answers. Awesome crew
Susan Hoffman
February 14, 2023
We had our Heat Pump system installed about a year ago. We have been pleased with both the heating and cooling. What I wanted to say is that our experience with staff has been excellent, starting with Jan who started the process and onto today with Alexis who did our yearly cleaning and maintenance. She reviewed what she would be doing, made adjustments, was timely and professional. Thank you, Alexis and the Heat Pump Store
Danny Walker
February 12, 2023
Rhonda at The Heat Pump store guided us through installing a mini-split in our SE Portland home. The unit functions well (although we've only experienced the heating side so far). It's quiet, reliable, and effective. Rhonda is knowledgeable, friendly, and responsive. Recommend.
David Murray
February 9, 2023
This is a great business. They are helpful and attentive. I appreciate the nice system they installed. Thanks Brandon, Christian and Rhonda

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