Heat Pump Repair in Portland, OR

Having issues with your ductless heat pump? Let the experts at The Heat Pump Store help you! Our Service Department is experienced, with factory trained technicians that know this technology inside and out. We have developed a strong reputation for providing exceptional customer service and top-notch repair for our customers. Give us a call and let us get your heat pump up and running in no time!

When You Should Get Heat Pump Repair

If you are experiencing any of the problems below, your heat pump may need service.

  • Your system fails to start up.
  • The system display shows that the system is working, but it is not blowing hot/cold air.
  • The air flow feels weak.
  • The system’s fan seems to be working correctly, but the unit itself is not heating or cooling the air sufficiently.
  • The system’s remote or indoor unit has a blinking light or shows an error code

What To Expect During Our Service

Our expert technicians will save you time and effort by taking care of your ductless heating and cooling system for you. Our thorough service program covers all the bases to keep your equipment dependable. A complete inspection includes all of the following:

  • Remove, clean, and replace all applicable filters.
  • Clean and treat interior coils using compressed air, scrubbing brushes, and environmentally harmless disinfectant chemicals.
  • Check the balance of the fan motor and blower before making any necessary adjustments.
  • Clean the outdoor unit to make sure everything is clear of blockage and debris.
  • Perform a complete assessment of the outdoor unit.
    • Check for visible signs of leaks.
    • Observe the condition of insulation.
    • Ensure the base is solid and level.
    • Test the pressure and voltage.
    • Maximize temperature splits.

Regular service will save you money in the long haul by preventing the need for an entirely new heating and cooling unit.

What To Expect During Heat Pump Repair in Portland

When you contact The Heat Pump Store, our knowledgeable Service Coordinator will first lead you through a series of troubleshooting steps over the phone. We have found that we are able to remedy many common issues this way, preventing you from the hassle of having a service technician out to your home. Some of these troubleshooting steps can be found below.


  • Hard Reset– Your ductless heat pump has a sophisticated computer inside and sometimes needs to be re-booted. To run your system through a hard reset you will want to shut your indoor unit off with the remote. Then, locate the breaker panel your system is powered on and flip the system’s breaker off. Leave the breaker off for at least 10 minutes. After you flip the breaker back on, use your remote to power on the indoor unit. Your system will spend about 20 minutes recalibrating the system.
  • Check Fuses– Near your outdoor unit you will find an electrical disconnect box for your ductless heat pump. Inside this disconnect box are electrical fuses designed to protect you and your heat pump from excessive current. Replacing fuses can restore electrical power to your ductless heat pump.
  • Check Remote Batteries– At The Heat Pump Store, we suggest replacing the batteries in your ductless heat pump’s remote annually to keep your remote operational.
  • Clean Indoor Filters– Dirty filters in your indoor unit can cause a host of problems. You may experience low air flow, lack of hot/cold air, strange noises, etc. By cleaning your filters monthly, you can avoid these problems. To clean your filters, simply open the front panel of your indoor unit and pull the filters out. Using the brush attachment, vacuum the filters.

In the event that your service issue cannot be solved over the phone then we will schedule an appointment with one of our experienced Service Technicians who will perform diagnostic tests on your heat pump in order to evaluate system issues.
If repairs are needed, our technician will provide you with a quote for the required work before proceeding.

The Most Common Types of Heat Pump Repairs in Portland, OR

Replacing Indoor / Outdoor Fan Motor

Replacing Indoor / Outdoor Circuit Board

Locating and sealing refrigerant leaks. Our trained technicians will locate the source of the leak and seal it before replacing refrigerant to prevent continuing refrigerant loss.

Operational Challenges
It is not uncommon for our Service Technicians to arrive onsite and find that the service issue is actually a user training issue.

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How to Avoid Unnecessary Heat Pump Repairs

technician Installing a DHP
  • When using a multi-zone ductless system, all indoor units must be set on the same mode of operation (i.e. heating mode or cooling mode), or the system will not heat or cool. When this happens, the system will show a blinking light error.
  • In most ductless heat pumps, the thermostat is inside the indoor unit – not in the wireless remote control handset. Depending on the location of your ductless heat pump, you may need to set the unit temperature higher or lower to be comfortable. Don’t focus on the number on the remote – it is not a precise temperature reading but simply a setting.
  • Understanding the defrost function. Heating during periods of near freezing weather will cause the coil on the outdoor unit to accumulate frost. Your ductless heat pump is designed to defrost itself automatically. During this defrost mode, you may notice water below or around the outdoor unit. This is normal. It is also normal for unusual sounds to come out of both the indoor and outdoor units. You may hear “whirring,” “clicking”, “rushing fluid”, etc. These sounds can be the result of thermal expansion and/or refrigerant movement. At the outdoor unit, you may also hear the compressor make more noise than normal. While your ductless heat pump is going through a defrost cycle it will NOT provide heat. At the end of the defrost function (typically 5 to 15 minutes), the unit should return to normal heating operation. It is important that you do not interrupt the defrost function by turning the system off or changing the mode of operation.

It may be time to invest in a new heat pump if yours is over 20 years old, or if you notice that it does not seem to be cooling or heating properly. Our professional technician can help you make the decision by evaluating the health of your system. Even if a technician has already told you that you need a new heat pump, getting a second opinion is always a good idea.

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