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We work closely with our Preferred Products Partners and initiate manufacturer promotions whenever we can. These promotions usually give instant rebates on specific equipment that comes directly from the manufacturer and, at times, can be combined with other rebates and promotions. So check back frequently – we are always up to something new and fun!


We at, The Heat Pump Store, understand that the financial benefit of upgrading to ductless heating and cooling is one of the primary benefits for homeowners. And, you’ll feel great about the impact your ductless system has on the environment while enjoying the benefit of saving money! That’s why we do everything we can to collect information on the biggest and best rebates available and to pass those savings on to you.

Many utilities and other entities offer rebates and we work closely with them. The available rebates will depend on your individual circumstances such as where your home is located and what type of heat in your home. However, we will use our experience to help you realize all of the savings available to you.


We’ve partnered with Synchrony Financial to offer unbeatable financing options for qualified buyers. Synchrony Financial is one of the nation’s largest consumer financial services companies and has been in business for over 80 years. They’ve built their reputation by providing customers with some of the best offers available anywhere. You can even qualify for deferred interest!

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