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How Do Mini Split Heat Pumps Work?

Why Is My Mini Split Freezing Up?

Updated: January 25, 2024Knowing how to deal with ice in a ductless cooling system is one of the most important tricks to maintain a ductless

Heat Pumps Are Cool (too!)

With a name like “HEAT PUMP” you might think it’s an appliance that only produces heat. Thankfully, a modern, high-tech heat pump offers much more!

Heat Pump Insights

Heat Pump Insights Listen to Sarah & Jonathan Moscatello share their insights into the ground breaking technology of heat pumps, the state of the

How Long Do Heat Pumps Last?

Heat pumps play a crucial role in heating and cooling your home in Oregon's winter and summer months. Buying one is a significant investment, so

Bob Saved Over $700!

CASE STUDY: BOB GEISLER We want to share the case study of Bob Geisler with you. In the first 6 months since switching to a

Perfect Score

We’re happy to announce that the Heat Pump Store has received a 3 out of 3-star trade ally rating from Energy Trust of Oregon! Eugene 

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