A noisy heat pump can drive you crazy in a short amount of time. Not only can it bother your neighbors, but it can also disrupt your sleep, make it difficult to hear your TV, and put an abrupt end to any outdoor event when it cuts on. Getting heat pump maintenance on a regular basis is an easy way to reduce excessive heat pump noise, so calling a licensed heat pump technician you can trust to service your system is essential. Here are four solutions to help reduce the noise coming from your heat pump:

Heat Pump Noise Reduction Tips

Replace Fan and Motor

If the fan that blows air into your home is damaged or worn out, it can cause you to have a loud unit. Our technicians can replace the condensing fan, fan motor, or blower motors to make your unit run smoothly again. Not only will we replace the unit, but we also inspect the area around the fan for trapped debris and loose screws. Either problem could damage your fan motor and cause it to run loudly.

Install Compressor Sound Blanket Wraps

If an old compressor is causing your heat pump to be louder than usual, you could have technicians come out to install a compressor sound blanket wrap. Made from noise-reduction material, these wraps fit snugly around compressors and minimize the amount of noise they generate. This solution is ideal for units that were manufactured to be loud or are starting to wear out due to age.

As long as the compressor is still functioning properly, using a sound reduction wrap is an effective, cost-efficient solution to the problem. Though it is a fairly simple process, the best idea is to contact the experts at The Heat Pump Store. Our technicians can verify that your compressor is still working correctly and ensure that the wrap is installed snugly and properly so it does not interfere with how the rest of your heat pump works.

Use Vibration Isolation Dampener Mounts

When your compressor vibrates excessively, it causes your heat pump to be noisy. Installing small vibration isolation dampener mounts on the bolts that hold the compressor in place is an easy, effective solution. The experts at The Heat Pump Store can install them quickly to diminish noise while ensuring that your unit is still functioning correctly and does not need further heat pump repair.

Replace the Unit

Having a good heat pump maintenance team helps your unit last a long time, but all units eventually wear out due to age. The average lifespan of a heat pump can be anywhere between 10-15 years depending on the amount of use, and regular maintenance the unit has received. If your compressor or even the entire unit has quit working completely, it is probably time to consider purchasing a new one.

If you decide to replace the noisy heat pump, the technicians at The Heat Pump Store can install a new one quickly and efficiently for an affordable price. It is always a good idea to contact professionals when your heat pump is acting up, and we are experts in the industry. When you want to eliminate heat pump noise, we can determine which part is causing the noise and help you find ways to eliminate it, all while ensuring parts are installed correctly.

Get Maintenance From Trusted Heat Pump Technicians

A loud heat pump is annoying, but it could signal a major problem that needs to be addressed before your unit tears up completely. When you need a quality heat pump repair company, contact The Heat Pump Store for all of your maintenance needs. We provide routine maintenance and emergency servicing, so contact us today to have all of your heat pump needs taken care of. Our technicians are experts in the industry and can help keep your unit running efficiently for as long as possible.