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Mini Ducted Systems

Concealed Duct Mini Splits

Like ductless, mini-ducted units utilize both an indoor and outdoor unit. What makes them different is the utilization of short higher-efficiency duct runs to move air to adjacent rooms. These units are generally hidden behind the scenes with only the grill covers visible.

As inverter heat pumps, these units are significantly more efficient than traditional HVAC systems. While installation costs tend to be higher for mini-ducted than for high or low wall ductless systems these are a great option when a unit on the wall is not acceptable.

Comfort Without Compromise
Inverter technology helps prevent the common, and uncomfortable, temperature swings normally experienced with non-inverter HVAC systems.


  • Energy efficient – Up to 20.2 SEER
  • Up to 10.6 HSPF
  • Up to 12.7 EER
  • Available in .75 to 2 Tons
  • Available in Single and Multizone