There’s nothing like smoldering summer heat or a cold winter night to make you truly appreciate the wonders of modern technology. With the click of a button, you can cool or heat your home throughout the year using a ductless heat pump. However, not all air conditioners are created equal.

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When it comes to heating and cooling options for your home or office in Oregon, you may have already noticed shortcomings in your HVAC unit. Older AC units may not be as efficient, forcing you to turn up the air, which in turn ups your utility bills. Or perhaps you notice that your system does not distribute the cooling evenly, leaving some rooms hot and some rooms cold.

It may be time to consider upgrading, especially if you’re looking into more efficient and effective options for your home. When you do start looking around, you should consider switching to a ductless heat pump. Here’s why.


Reason #1: Lower Energy Bills

Cooling and heating a home year-round are expensive. According to Energy Star, $2000 is about how much the typical American household spends on their energy bill each year. Of that amount, 42 percent goes to heating and cooling a home.

Using a ductless mini-split unit to cool a home can cost less due to efficient technology. You can save even more on the upfront cost by taking advantage of rebates and promotional incentives!

Reason #2: Better for the Environment

Many human activities have a negative impact on the environment. One of the most harmful is the use of fossil fuels to provide energy. Thus, consuming less energy not only helps you to save money but also helps to save the environment.

Reducing fossil fuel use helps to lower greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants. According to Energy Star, the typical American home creates twice the amount of carbon pollution through energy use as a typical car.

Reason #3: Hello Zone Control

Zonal control allows you to maintain different temperatures in different areas of the home. For example, rooms that get a lot of sun in the summer may heat up quickly and need cooling, whereas rooms that do not get a lot of sun are naturally cooler. Rather than run a unit to cool the entire home, causing some areas to be too cold, you can turn on the hot or cold air in specific areas.

Reason #4: Easy to Install

While installing a mini-split air conditioning unit isn’t as easy as sitting it in the window, the installation of a ductless heat pump is relatively simple. Because of this, most new systems are up and running within a day.

Reason #5: Enjoy Quiet Rooms

Providing quiet A/C in the summer and quiet heat in the winter, mini-split heat pumps are so quiet, you’ll forget they’re there.

To enjoy all the benefits of a mini-split ductless air conditioning unit, always ensure it is installed by a professional. At The Heat Pump Store, we’ve installed 10,000 ductless units all across Oregon and SW Washington. For more information on how you can join the ductless revolution, contact us at 877-509-2961.