Ductless mini-splits are cost-effective and the most efficient cooling option at home. They are easy to run and maintain. However, for your unit to work optimally and for an extended period, you need to have it cleaned regularly. Unfortunately, cleaning it is not as easy as opening the cover and wiping the components. There are various precautions and procedures to take for your safety and ensure that the unit works after the cleaning.

This article discusses the ductless mini-split cleaning to keep the unit in top shape.

The Importance of Cleaning Your Mini-Split

There are several reasons why you should clean your mini-split regularly. First, cleaning keeps the mini-split in good condition for optimal operation. With optimal performance, you can maintain your indoor air temperature without overworking the unit.

Second, if you do not regularly clean the unit, it will likely experience premature wear, leading to a breakdown. Third, it is likely to have mold growth, which may cause the AC to produce musty odors.

Fourth, when the ductless heat pump is left to accumulate dirt over time, it gets less efficient and has to work harder in order to deliver the required performance. This often causes increased energy bills and increases component wear. Sometimes, it is also unable to maintain specific temperatures. Cleaning makes it efficient and enables it to last a long time.

How To Clean Your Mini-Split HVAC System

The mini-split HVAC has interior and exterior components. You should consider both units regularly to avoid any of the issues mentioned earlier. At least once every six weeks to keep them functioning optimally. However, check the specific details on ways to clean it and the duration between cleanings in the system’s owner’s manual.

Before working on the unit, ensure that you have shut it down and disconnected it from the main power supply. This protects you from electrocution and short-circuiting the internal electronic system.

Follow it up by gathering the items you need to clean your unit. You only need everyday things you can find at home, including:

  • Water hose
  • Household cleaning solvents or any brand suggested by the owner’s manual
  • A vacuum cleaner and a nozzle attachment.
  • A clean, damp cloth
  • Clean, dry cloth

If you wish to clean deeper, add the following to your list of items:

  • A spray bottle
  • A condensate drain cleaner
  • A coil cleaner
  • A cleaning brush

Cleaning the Indoor Unit of Your Mini-Split

Start cleaning the indoor unit by wiping the surface with a damp cloth and finish up by drying it. Then, remove the front panel to locate the filter, which you clean with washing detergent and rinse with lots of water. Once clean, air-dry it thoroughly before returning it to your HVAC.

Then, clean the evaporator coil, which you can access by removing the unit’s cabinet. Use the coil cleaner or just a dry cloth to remove dirt on the surface of the evaporator. Then, put everything back together. Finish up by cleaning the condensate pipe and the drain. Use bleach or soapy water if you notice mold growth.

Cleaning the Outdoor Unit of Your Mini-Split

For the outdoor part, start removing any dirt and overgrowth around it, such as grass and leaves. Then, use a coil cleaner or a hose to clean the exterior. Then, use a cleaning brush or damp cloth to wipe off grime that may have accumulated at the unit’s base.

Scrub the grill and wipe it down. Then remove it to access the blades. Use soap and cloth to clean the blades. Handle it with care not to twist the blades. Be sure to wipe the blades dry to prevent rust.

As for the interior, use the vacuum attachment to suck up all debris and dust. The coils can be cleaned with a garden hose and a coil cleaner. Finish the work by checking and cleaning the condensate drain and pan, as you did with the outdoor unit.

Additional Mini-Split Cleaning Tips

Consider the following when you’re mini split cleaning:

  • Check pieces that may need to be replaced, including air filters and coil
  • Tighten screws and other small parts that have come loose.
  • If the unit is not working right, you may need the help of an HVAC specialist to troubleshoot it and fix the issue.

Ductless Heat Pump Installation in Portland, Eugene, and Salem

You can have HVAC specialists maintain your ductless mini-split unit conveniently instead of the painstaking job of doing it yourself. At The Heat Pump Store, our expert technicians serving Portland, Eugene, and Salem areas will clean indoor and outdoor units, clean the filters, or recommend replacements where necessary.

They also treat indoor coils with coil brushes, compressed air, and disinfectants. We will also diagnose any issues that we find with your HVAC. Contact us today to discuss and schedule a ductless mini-split cleaning plan.

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