Daikin Atmosphera Heat Pump in Denver, CO, & Surrounding Areas


The Daikin ATMOSPHERA Solo Solution is an ideal option for fulfilling precise cooling and heating needs in residential and commercial environments. It excels in maintaining consistent climate control, even in the face of extreme temperatures. Additionally, the ATMOSPHERA offers an efficient heating solution, effectively replacing outdated and inefficient furnace or boiler systems.

Go Green with R-32 Refrigerant

  • Decarbonization and Electrification — moving towards clean energy: An effective source of heat to comfortably offset older or inefficient sources of heat using fossil fuels
  • Lower GWP refrigerant — reduce emissions at the source: Utilizing a refrigerant with lower Global Warming Potential (GWP) compared to conventional refrigerants


Energy Efficient

Our mini split heat pump kits feature top quality equipment and materials, accompanied by clear instructions and refrigerant technician services provided by certified professionals, ensuring your project’s success. We thoroughly inspect and commission the entire system to guarantee you receive the same manufacturer warranty as we do. Additionally, if your home qualifies, you’ll have access to utility rebates. You can choose to have the kit delivered to your installation site or pick it up at one of our showrooms.

Ideal Solution for:

  • Primary living areas (for example, living rooms and master bedrooms)
  • Hot or cold rooms
  • Rooms with poor air flow

Enhanced Capacity

  • Up to 100% rated heating capacity at 5°F WB (-15°C WB) and confirmed continuous operation as low as -13°F WB (-25°C WB) ambient temperature
  • Up to 100% rated cooling capacity at 115°F (46°C)

The Next Generation of Daikin HVAC Systems using R-32 Refrigerant

R-32 Refrigerant: Proven. Easy. Efficient. Available. The Right Choice for a Greener Climate.

Daikin is leading the industry with the switch to the next generation of refrigerants that have a lower Global Warming Potential (GWP) than R-410A: R-32. R-32 is the A2L refrigerant that’s widely used around the world today. With over 160 million R-32 units made by over 40 manufacturers and installed in more than 90 countries, R-32 is the easy choice and the proven global standard.

In addition, R-32 is the only pure, single-component refrigerant slated to replace the high GWP refrigerant, R-410A. Unlike blended refrigerants, which can change composition, R-32 is easy to top off or clean and reuse on-site. It’s also easy to reclaim and reuse off-site with a simple cleaning process.

Perhaps most importantly, R-32’s excellent thermodynamic properties allow the new Daikin ATMOSPHERA system to be up to 12% higher in SEER and up to 18% higher in HSPF than the Daikin LV Series using R-410A, lowering indirect emissions throughout the lifecycle of the systems. Additionally, because R-32 has a GWP of 675 and requires less charge in certain systems, direct emissions from those systems can be up to 80% lower than similar R-410A systems. The result? Fewer greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change, based on Daikin studies.





  • Globally accepted
  • Installed base of over 160 million units from 40 OEMs
  • Excellent thermodynamic properties
  • Reduced indirect emissions vs. the standard refrigerant
  • Can consume less electricity over the lifetime of the equipment vs. standard refrigerants
  • Pure, single-component refrigerant 
  • Easy to top off, or clean and reuse on-site 
  • Easy to reclaim and recycle 
  • Adopted in over 90 countries 
  • A component in R-410A 
  • Non-proprietary