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Information About Significant Rebates and Cash Incentives.

A Great Value for Your Budget

We know that you value your money and want to spend less on your heating and cooling costs whenever possible. That’s why our team at The Heat Pump Store is happy to provide you with information about these significant rebates and cash incentives.

The Highest Level of Efficiency

Because ductless heat pumps represent the highest level of efficiency, many utilities and government entities offer financial incentives to help you pay for your heat pump system!

A Ductless Heat Pump is a Great Choice

You can feel good about your choice to invest in a ductless heating system, as it will not only save you money and improve your energy efficiency, but also make a positive contribution to our goal to help improve our environment.

With the variety of energy efficiency and rebate programs available, it is easy to save money with ductless heat pumps. Here is an example of potential savings, combining several available rebates for qualified customers
(Please note that every situation is different, and this is just one example)


  • 1

    City of Denver Climate Action Rebate – Up to $3,500.00  Instant Rebate!

  • 2

    Xcel Energy Cold Climate Mini Split Heat Pump Rebate – Up to $2,200  Cash Back or a credit to your Xcel Energy Account

  • 3

    IRA 25C Tax Credit – Up to $2,000.00 tax credit if you qualify

  • 4

    Colorado State tax credits up to 2.9% on installed equipment if you qualify

  • Must be cold climate models reaching NEEP cold climate criteria –  ask us about qualifying equipment models!
  • Must be Denver City and County Residents
  • Must be Single Family, Condo, or Multifamily up to 4 units

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