Ductless Mini Split AC Installation in Lakewood

With Lakewood’s hot and dry climate, air conditioners are becoming increasingly more crucial for comfort throughout the year. A ductless mini-split AC may be the right fit if you’re looking for a creative, energy-saving solution. They provide cooling in places where ductwork may not be available or desirable and are a great alternative to portable and window ACs. Each outdoor condenser unit can serve up to five rooms.

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What is a Ductless Mini Split AC System?

A ductless mini-split AC system includes one outdoor compressor and potentially several indoor units connected by electrical wiring and refrigerant tubing. The indoor units are usually wall-mounted but can be ceiling-mounted and deliver cooled air directly into a space. A ductless mini-split can be configured with one or several indoor units powered by one outdoor unit. This versatility makes them perfect for garages and other areas of a house that do not have ductwork and need to be cooled.

A ductless conditioner circulates the refrigerant through a line set connected to one or more indoor air handler units. The outdoor unit pumps refrigerant through the copper line set to the indoor coil. Heat is removed from the indoor air as the refrigerant turns to gas, air is then circulated over the indoor unit coils, cooling the space down. The refrigerant, which is in gas form, circulates back to the outdoor coil and is turned back to liquid, releasing heat energy via the outdoor coil. When mini-splits are in heating mode this exact process is reversed via a “reversing valve.”

Benefits of Ductless Mini Split AC Systems

Easy Installation

Another benefit of ductless systems is their ease of installation. Unlike conventional AC systems, which need extensive ductwork and central units that consume a lot of space, an expert can install mini-splits efficiently and quickly. This is because they comprise a few components, including an indoor unit, an outdoor unit, and a refrigerant line that connects them. In most cases, the installation is relatively non-invasive and only a small hole needs to be drilled in the exterior wall to run the refrigerant line from the outdoor unit to the indoor unit.

Ductless AC installation in Lakewood, CO, can save you time and money while providing efficient cooling.


Another benefit of ductless systems is their zonal capabilities. This feature allows homeowners to control the temperature of individual zones separately, which can be helpful if you have specific cooling needs for different parts of your house.

Furthermore, you can program each unit to operate on a different schedule, so you only use energy when necessary. So, consider installing ductless AC in Lakewood, CO, today.

Energy Efficiency

Because they do not need ducts, mini-split ACs experience less energy loss than conventional AC systems. Energy loss because of ductwork in traditional AC systems accounts for over 30% of energy consumption. Ductless systems are better at delivering cool air directly to various rooms in your house. This spares you from the cost of cooling unused rooms and reduces energy waste and utility bills.

Ductless mini-split installation in Lakewood, CO, is an excellent way to reduce your electric bill.

Better Air Quality

Ductless systems have cutting-edge filtration systems that can improve your home’s air quality. This is important for people with respiratory issues.

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