Heat Pump Warranty Protection Plans in Colorado

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The Heat Pump Store will install your ductless heat pump in a “best practice” workmanlike manner, consistent with the manufacturer’s installation instructions, and in compliance with local building codes. Your primary warranty for the equipment is with the equipment’s manufacturer. The Heat Pump Store in Denver, CO will advocate for qualifying warranty claims on your behalf and perform repairs. In most cases, the labor costs associated with warranty repairs are not covered by the equipment manufacturer’s warranty. The Heat Pump Store will have to charge you for the labor for making warranty repairs, but we’ll be fair. If you need more information about our Warranty, please Contact Us. 

Heat Pump 1 Year Labor Warranty

In addition, The Heat Pump Store provides a standard 1 Year Labor Warranty coverage on malfunctions of equipment, materials, and workmanship that occur during the first year of operation. User error or abuse of the equipment is not covered under this clause.

The installation materials and techniques used by The Heat Pump Store are warranted against defect or failure for one year from installation. This covered period extends to five years with purchase of The Heat Pump Store’s Ductless Care Plan within 30 days of installation (excludes DIY).


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