Mini-Split Mounting Options for Colorado Homeowners

Location is Important!

That’s why our team will help you through the placement process!

Did you know that Colorado’s high altitude and unpredictable weather require special mounting techniques for mini-splits? The Heat Pump Store would be happy to assist you with finding the perfect spot and professionally install the unit for you. Contact us today and our team of installation experts will take care of the rest!

Outdoor Unit Mounting Option 

Wall Mounted on a Bracket

At The Heat Pump Store, we use a wall mounting with bracket technique common throughout Europe and Asia.

This mounting option has many advantages:

  • Proven to keep the unit level and ensures proper drainage and airflow
  • Useful for sloped yards, narrow side yards, and areas with landscaping
  • Great for areas where the ground sees extra snow buildup

One potential pitfall of this mounting technique:

  • Vibration and noise due to the bracket placement against the wall.

However, there’s some good news! The Heat Pump Store has pioneered several mounting methods to prevent noise and vibration with these wall-mounted units. 

More Comfort , Less money

Easy Financing Options

Indoor Unit Mounting Options

Wall Mounted Types

There’s a reason this is the most common type of indoor unit.

  • Most affordable
  • Most energy efficient
  • Most powerful
  • Quietest

With all the advantages, most people tend to go for wall-mounted indoor units.

Floor Mounted Types

If the wall-mounted units have so many advantages, then why would people choose a floor-mounted unit? Well, there are times when a wall-mounted unit isn’t compatible with someone’s needs. In those cases, a floor-mounted unit is still a great option!

They’re the preferred indoor mounting method for:

  • Attics
  • Rooms with many windows
  • And more, given individual needs

It’s quite handy having more than one mounting option, so we can meet more people’s individual needs.

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