A mini-split system is another name for a ductless heat pump. These systems are designed to heat and cool your home efficiently using electricity and without the installation of ductwork. Mini-splits have grown in popularity over the last 30 years and represent more than half of the residential units in the world. As the market has grown, new manufacturers and models have appeared in the field, so it’s worth your time to do some research into the available brands. Whether you’re heating a small space or many square feet, here are six of the best mini-split systems for your consideration.


A Daikin system is ideal if you need either single-zone or multi-zone functionality with high efficiency. This allows you to heat or cool only the rooms you are using regularly. Daikin’s superior manufacturing makes it a leader with The Heat Pump Store. We have installed more Daikin mini-splits than any other contractor in North America. Daikin provides superior comfort during the summer with robust cooling and while some units struggle in very cold months, a Daikin system holds its own. Even in temperatures as low as -13 degrees Fahrenheit, Daikin keeps you cozy.


Operating in more than 40 countries, Mitsubishi makes systems for almost any climate. The company specializes in giving you control over individual rooms for consistency in temperature. These systems are a good choice for replacing an older system as well as for new construction. With a corporate culture that emphasizes trust, quality, and concern for the environment, Mitsubishi is a name you can feel good about when you’re shopping for a mini-split system.


A leader in the market since 1935, Fujitsu makes units that serve a single room or a whole home effortlessly. The company focuses on efficiency above all else, but they are also one of the most environmentally conscious in the business. The systems are easily customizable, there are literally thousands of possible combinations of features from which to choose. As one of the most efficient brands in the business, Fujitsu systems have long useful lives with comprehensive warranties to give you peace of mind with your purchase.


If you’re looking for a unit that blends into the stylish design of your home, look no further than LG. These systems are well-constructed with anti-corrosion coatings to hold up in coastal conditions. LG loads them with features, including an innovative temperature and mode readout. You can even choose a model with a Wi-Fi adapter so you can control the system with your smartphone from anywhere in the world. LG’s slogan is “Life’s good.” The company lives up to that reputation with its mini-split systems.


If you thought Panasonic just made consumer electronics think again. Panasonic offers mini-split systems in multi-zone ductless and single split varieties. Multi-zone units let you control more than one indoor unit from one compressor. Single split systems operate one indoor unit for every outdoor unit. As the #1 ductless sales leader in Japan, Panasonic’s commitment to ongoing improvement and excellence lands them on the list of top manufacturers in the field.


Ruud systems are incredibly efficient and quiet. If you are looking for a reliable and durable unit, look no further than a Ruud ductless heat pump. They are perfect for a small room all the way up to a large, multi-room home. The Ruud brand also stands behind its systems with a great warranty on their parts and compressors. That great warranty combined with The Heat Pump Store’s excellent installation practices makes choosing a Ruud a no brainer!

Advances in technology give consumers many new options for efficiency and convenience in their homes. You probably have at least one smart television, and you may even have a video doorbell system and security cameras you can monitor with your phone. Take advantage of the latest and greatest in heating and cooling technology with a ductless mini-system. Whether you need repair, preventive maintenance, or a whole new system, the friendly and knowledgeable professionals at The Heat Pump Store can help.