Our blog post on the different types of mini-split units will walk you through:

  • The various types of mini-split and how they differ from each other
  • Why some HVAC mini-split systems may work better for your home than others
  • Where you can turn to with all of your ductless heat pump and mini-split questions

Mini-splits are an effective way to heat or cool your Pacific Northwest home. The moderate climate in the region means that many apartments, condos, or small homes can have their ideal climate with only a single indoor unit.

Whether you’re in a larger home, though, or just want to explore your options, you should know that there are many different mini-splits available. Choosing the right one for you will be a matter of preference, design aesthetic, and how many rooms you need to cool or heat.

For a quick exploration of how all these different types of ductless heat pumps differ from each other, make sure to read below!

Single Vs. Multi Zone Mini Splits

The first decision you’ll have to make when choosing from the variety of mini-split units available is whether you want a single or multi-zone mini-split. A single zone mini-split unit comes with one indoor unit. As stated above, if you have a condo or small house, a single indoor unit may be all you need to achieve a comfortable climate in your home.

If your home is larger, though, you may need or want more than one indoor unit to keep your interior climate under control. These mini-split systems are called multi-zone mini-splits.

As you peruse your options, you’ll want to think about what rooms in your home require cooling or heating. While the main living area (living room, dining room, den) is the most common area for indoor unit placement many people like a unit in the master bedroom and any other regularly occupied sleeping spaces.

It should also be noted that a single multi-zone outdoor unit can typically support up to five indoor ones. If your home is particularly spacious or if you’re decking out a multi-family residence, then you may also need multiple outdoor units to support the number of indoor units.

Wall Mounted Mini Split Systems

Most mini-split units are wall-mounted. This means that they are installed directly onto your wall. Typically, they are positioned high up on the wall to help maximize the airflow that comes out of either side of the indoor unit.
While you may be uncertain about having an indoor mini-split unit hanging on your wall, many systems have integrated impressive design features that help the unit meld more into your home’s aesthetic. For instance, some units are low-profile with a modern design.

Floor Standing Mini Split

Floor standing units are sometimes referred to as floor-mounted units. They operate similarly to wall-mounted units. However, instead of installing them high up on a wall, they are installed at floor level.

These floor-mounted units can offer efficient heating and cooling for homes with high windows, low ceilings, or slanted walls.

Do It Yourself Kit

If you’re looking to save money on installation, you can go DIY with The Heat Pump Store with Assistance Program. This is typically for single-zone units or more simple multi-zone installations. You should probably shy away from this program if you’re new to home renovation. While the installation process is fairly straight forward the process is still more complex than installing a new shelf.

Ceiling Cassette Mini Split Units

Ceiling cassette mini-splits can be a good choice for those who are willing spend more in order to keep the indoor unit off the wall. That’s because, per their name, ceiling cassette units are installed directly into the ceiling of a room. By installing them into the ceiling, they are less likely to affect your home’s design aesthetic. It also gives you back any wall space potentially lost to a wall-mounted unit.

Concealed Duct Mini Split

While most mini-split units are ductless, the concealed ducted mini split units can work to serve multiple rooms with one air handler. It’s installed above the ceiling and connected to short duct runs to bring cooled or heated air to multiple bedrooms or several ducts in a spacious room.

Vertical Air Handlers

Another option if your home already has ductwork installed is the vertical air handler heat pump. It operates similarly to a central air conditioner or furnace as it connects to your home’s duct system. However, a vertical air handler heat pump connected to an outdoor unit will heat and cool your home far more efficiently than a typical system.

If you’re looking to swap out your traditional HVAC system with a mini-split system and your home is fairly large, it’s hard to go wrong with a vertical air handler.

Picking The Right Mini Split For Your Property

When picking the right mini-split unit for your home, there are a variety of things to consider:

  • The size of your home
  • Whether your home already has a duct system
  • The number of rooms you need heated or cooled
  • Your home’s current design aesthetic
  • The features you’d prefer your mini-split system to include

If you pick too few indoor units for your home, you may impact the system’s overall efficiency, or you may find that rooms without indoor units are never as comfortable as you’d prefer. If you choose too many indoor units, you may pay needless upfront costs. (Although, a benefit of a mini-split system is they are easily scalable for homes or buildings that are planning on adding rooms in the future.)

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